Risk Statement

Risk Statement

Risks in cryptocurrency trading
For the avoidance of doubt and to prevent any claim and/or claim in the future against bhyips

The following is a risk statement for anyone who trades and/or intends to trade or has previously traded in cryptocurrencies
and/or any other type of currency:

1. The activity in the arena requires skill, knowledge and understanding of the risks and is not suitable for every person
Leveraged activity involves a real risk of losing all the investment money in a short time.

2. Important for every student and/or participant and/or member of a WhatsApp group, Facebook, Instagram and/or
Every other social network understands the risks involved in trading cryptocurrencies
In particular and in currency trading in general

3. Every student and/or participant and/or member of a WhatsApp group or any other related social network
bhyips that joins and is exposed to information about currency trading
Crypto and/or any other currency does this – at its own discretion – after having read and understood the
The statement about the risks involved in trading crypto-currencies in particular and currencies in general.

4. For the avoidance of doubt bhyips do not encourage cryptocurrency trading
and/or currency trading in general and all their occupation is related to building and selling courses on various topics
and among them also currency trading.

Futures trading is risky and not suitable for every investor and investors may lose all or more of the initial investment amount

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